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Nobody wakes up on a Sunday morning and says “Honey let’s drive around town and shop for a timeshare” because nobody out there is actively looking to buy a resort weeks or points. However, there are certain types of consumers that will purchase vacation ownership weeks.

Re-Sale Services

1. Impulse Buyers: They represent the vast majority of resort condominium owners. These are people who have accepted an invitation for a timeshare tour or presentation in exchange for some kind of free gift. Here is how we utilize this concept for you: We’ll inform the family that is using your unit (Renters, Exchangers, Guests of Exchangers, Bonus Week Buyers) that it is for sale by its owner at a lower price than what the resort is asking (no other company provides this kind of service). During their stay at a resort guests are usually invited for a free breakfast or lunch if they agree to attend an orientation about the resort’s ownership program. We’ll encourage your guests to accept that invitation so they’ll find out about all the amenities, services and other particulars of the resort including the current purchase prices. This way the sales people at your resort are (unknowingly) doing all the selling for you and if your guests decide to buy they can contact us to negotiate a better deal. This strategy works to attract both impulse buyers and existing owners.

2. Existing Owners who are satisfied and wish to own more time at the same or a different resort or intend to buy one as a gift for a family member. We are constantly in touch with thousands of timeshare owners in North America to promote our program. We very quickly find out if their main interest is saving money on exchanges, wish to sell or rent or if they are in the market to buy an additional unit at a discount. If so we find out what exactly they are looking for and match it with our re-sale inventory.

3. Shoppers: There are thousands of people who recently attended a presentation or dinner seminar about vacation ownership and didn’t buy. The reasons for that are as follows: - They did not like the resort or its location. - They did not like the price (too high). - The timing was not right for them. - They did not like the timeshare concept or vacation style. - The Resort didn’t have the inventory they wanted.

4. Corporations: There are hundreds of companies out there that, when their fiscal year is over, look for the best way to maximize their profits. Buying a timeshare in México becomes a great option for these companies, number one, because they are considered a depreciating asset and, even more importantly, are the incredible tax benefits that NAFTA provides.



If you are an owner of a Vacation Property and you are unlikely to use it this year, united travelers transfers services Resale could be the solution for you. We will market and advertise your Vacation Property through our extensive worldwide advertising program. Our International Marketing and Advertising program allows us to access thousand of event planners and travel agents throughout the world.

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Buying or Rental Services

Are you in the market for additional weeks or points? Do you own a week at a resort and want to buy the week before or after so that you could spend 2 consecutive weeks there? Or did you visit a resort you like a lot but you don’t want to spend the kind of money it takes to purchase from the developer? We may have or can find what you are looking for on the re-sale market at a price that is substantially less and affordable for you, including financing, if needed. Prices depend on supply and demand.

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